Information Central

  This is the end of the scavenger hunt! You have survived the grueling trials, ups and downs, and quests that have paved the way for you.

Some things that you may want to check out, now that you are done:

  • Reference Sheet– This sheet has all of the stuff that you have completed so far, plus links to some more useful resources on the web. You should get a hard copy at the end of your session, and it will be up on Moodle by the end of the summer.
  • Browse the SCS Wiki Some More – You never know what gems you may find!
  • Notesfiles –This is a resource that’s a little…off the beaten path. It is a text-based system that functions much like a forum. Although the system is pretty old, there is still some lively conversation in these channels. Decades of posts are on here, and there are some truly valuable alumni who still post daily on various channels. For now, we have created a notesfile called “2012” that is meant for you guys. Go there and post something--introduce yourself, express how awesome this scavenger hunt was, anything. Just go nuts, and don’t hurt anyone’s feelings (too badly). Instructions for how to set it up are on the wiki (is that becoming cliché yet?)

From all of us at ITS, we thank you for your participation. Have a good summer and welcome to IMSA!