Jim and Julie Get Married

On September 30, 2000, having known each other for just over a decade, Julie and I threw caution to the wind and got married. Julie has observed that the ten year wait could have been dramatically reduced if I'd had my act together, but I like to think that there was a Greater Plan at work. I've been informed, however, that I'm delusional in this regard. Everything seems to have worked out in the end, however.

We extend heartfelt thanks to everyone who was able to join us in celebrating the occasion, especially those who made the trip from out of town. We've collected a few photographs for those of you who would like a glimpse of the festivities, want to reminisce, or, like many of our friends, are having a hard time remembering them.


Older Stuff

I'm keeping these links around just in case someone out there wants to find his way back to Madison or is dying to know who that handsome stud in the bridal party was. Ed Beach's phone number available on request.