Greetings, traveler.

I am the Lady Nazgul.

I am also called the Shadow Lady, or the Shadow Dancer, or Shadow Weaver

Welcome to the shadows where I dwell. They can be spun as the weaver choses, to show or be whatever is chosen.

For now, I am the weaver, and I spin the web as I dance through the shadows. Perhaps, someday, I will invite you to dance with me and shape the shadows with me.

Perhaps. For now...please, walk my is solid enough. For now.

From whence did the Lady spring forth? Little tis known, but here are the legends. . .

The written word, meaning spun from mere squiggles, has always affected me. Here are some of the treasured writings from my bookshelf.

Within the shadows, and the light, are many who touch my steps. Here are few of these

Of course, no dance can be true without the music that guides it. Most is heard within the heart, mind, and soul, but there is those that reaches from outside in.

When I travel to the light, here are my traveler's clothing

If you would like to contact me more directly, will reach me, no matter where I currently rest or dance. Until we meet again, peace, traveller.