Welcome to Kathleen Ervin's web abode

What I Do/Did

I'm a Certified Novell Administrator with three years experience as a sole network aministrator on a multi-platform network in a grade school. I am currently pursuing graduate studies in economics at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. I obtained my masters in May of 2002, and will be ABD (all but disseration) by Januarry 2004.

Computers & Me

I get some odd looks when I tell people I used to be in computers and am now in economics. I'd like to clear up a few mis-conceptions. First off, graduate economics is harder than any CS I ever did. Graduate school is just as stressful at times as my sysadmin job was.

However, I can go home and sleep without feeling guilty, and once I have tenure, the pace will slow down a bit. Nothing will HAVE to be done in the next hour. With CS, it was just the potential of years of being up all night coaxing a server back to life.

I proved I was competent. I convinced a lot of small-towners that a female could be just as good as the male I replaced. I proved I could do the job and do it well. I also discovered I didn't want to. I like having a life. I like a work week that will be 40 hours or less, not 60 on a slow week. I like being in a job where I don't have to prove I know what I'm doing just because I'm female.

There aren't many more females in econ than there are in CS, but I've run into less blatent descrimination. (Example: Any male who came in to do contract work was assumed to know what he was doing. I continually had to prove I knew what I was doing, even after 3 successful years.) There is still discrimination in economics, but it isn't as wearing-down a type. No, I don't like it, but it's a style I feel more able to combat and handle.

I do still work with computers. Economics does a lot of modeling and a lot of it is on the computer. It's not as in-depth, and it's mostly programming, not sysop work which I prefered, but it lets me stay involved in something I enjoyed, doing somethign else I enjoy, and still have a life. I want a life, and not one tied to a server's whims.

I have repeatedly TAed undergraduate statistics (first and second semesters) and having a blast. Even when things aren't going perfectly (ie, usually), it's still interesting. It's challenging, creative, with obvious results, while also not be immediate results demanded. I am comfortable with my choice of going into college professorship with this experience. And with my desire to go to a non-research oriented school so I can focus on teaching.

I've posted my resume, which gives you the bare bones of what I've done. It's not as streamlined as most, since I've worked both in economics & in computers, usually I emphasize one or the other when sending it out.

Who I'm known as..

I picked up the nickname nazgul my freshman year of high school. Depressingly (for making a consistent persona), it seems a lot of other people on the 'net like that name as well. So, I've gone to being ladynazgul in a lot of places.

I have thus switched over to using Kayote. You'll find me most places as kayote. But not at hotmail, amazon, AIM, or yahoo. Someone else got it there first. :P

I do enjoy gaming, both online, stragey, and tabletop. I'm was Shade/Ria at SW1, and Kayote Tirea at ATS online. I had a lot of fun, but SW1 has now restarted, and I had to take an @detach from Tirea. I just don't have time in graduate school to MUSH. I have started a long-running tabletop once a week now that I'm not in the class-crunch of school, so that I can organize my time more easily. That is a lot of fun, and not nearly as time consuming as online MUSHing. I am currently subscribed to an online MMORPG called Acheron's Call, (Mah Dun is my main char), but not sure I'll stay. I just haven't been playing recently. I played for 3 years, though, so it is fun. :)

Other than that, I've never been real sure what to put on a home page. :) Overall, I'm not fond of just random home pages, but figured I should put something up.

Oh yah....for a slightly larger weaving in this web...check out my alter ego's abode...Lady Nazgul's Abode It's not so much on me as on my being...if that made sense, please, come walk the weaving.